The Urban Breakdown
Episode 1

POLI-TRICKS: Trump Shenanigans, Somali Cop Killer, Black Lives Matter Switch Sides, and Democrats Are Doomed to Fail Again in 2018 and Beyond

F. Khristopher Blue published on

Yes Trump can pardon at will. No, Trump can not pardonĀ himself. Kushner contradicts. Trump up his sleeve has a few more tricks. The Somali Cop seems to be at odds with The Force, Black Lives Matter is on the side of the victim, based on Black history, this is expected of course, not! Well, yeah... do you know the Willie Lynch story? The Democrats ran a poll recently and though votes are swinging one way, the Dems are deciding to swing another way... maybe many of the Dems are in the pockets of the Republicans... their decison making at times makes this appear to be true.

Hosted by Mercer Prescott and his band of eclectic cronies.... on todays occasion, F. Khristopher Blue and Najee (not his real name), a law enforcement expert.

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