The Urban Breakdown
Episode 5

POLI-TRICKS with Mercer Prescott and One of His Eclectic Chronies, Mister F. Khristopher Blue of

F. Khristopher Blue published on

THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE all of a sudden surrounded by evil acts of spying satellites flying // is illegal eagles picture on geen money may sound funny // many search for this needle in a haystack its so wack // fact that man will kill for a dollar bill ill wit sin causes him to slave other men // a battle that no body ever win been whips lashing whole lot of secret stashing // what will happen in the end begin wit Adam and Eve then proceed // into our today creed this wed don't need bleed the sins of every woman and man each time the thought of fruit land // I plead // I'm am the beginning and the end the word of god to men // the first book look into the book of Genisis the beginning how sin brewed and cook book of Revelation the end how sin // consumes a whole nation and the world twirl atomic fire food an shelter everyone desire // a chicken egg will become a pearl I came unto my own and they accept me not these words are very hot stop think JESUS was JEW all not accepting him are to // this is so true plot the antichrist will rise from a religion who don't believe in christ yo not nice ice this gee! I think we all can figure out where it will come from //

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