The Voices of Peace

The Voices of Peace is inspired by he Season for Nonviolence which began in 1998 and has been launched at the United Nations each year since. The Season bookends memorial anniversaries of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., two of the most inspiring leaders who utilized nonviolent methods to successfully lead movements for change.

Each year, the campaign commemorates their legacies and raises awareness about the healing and transformative power of nonviolence.  The Season for Nonviolence has become an important opportunity to bring communities together, empowering them to envision and help create a nonviolent world, one heart and one day at a time.  

Hope and inspiration for peace and nonviolence exist throughout the world today.  It lives through the teachers, clergy, politicians, parents and children who inspire us to "be the change you want to see in the world" as Gandhi taught us. These voices are rarely the loudest voices, but they are steadfast in their message and commitment.  

We have asked leaders around the globe to provide short segments that provide their perspective on Peace and Nonviolence.

Sorry, there are currently no episodes available for this podcast.