Episode 31

Are We Reading Two Different Bibles? The Compassion vs Safety Conversation

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Without question, for many of us, the past few weeks have been difficult to navigate. The recent Immigration Ban has sparked numerous debates and arguments. Mostly between those for the ban, in the name of safety, and those desiring to provide aid to refugees, in the name of compassion.  For us at The (G)odd Show, the biggest things that confuses us is the when Christians engage in this argument.

Not in the Bible

We hear Christians arguing two sides; one being the need for increased border security for the sake of our safety and the other being the need to compassionately care for refugees. Our problem is, when we read bible we don't see an emphasis on our personal safety. Instead, we see page after page calling for an exceedingly compassionate response to caring for the foreigner and sojourner. So our question is, how are we arguing about what the biblical response to this issue should be?

Being Honest

Legitimately we don't have an issue with people being concerned about our safety in this country. The world has become a scary place; safety should be a top concern of our government. All we're saying is maybe be honest about the situation. If a Christian were to tell me that regardless of what the bible says about caring for the refugee, but their agenda regarding safety was more important, I would accept that. At that point I couldn't fault them for their honesty, our conversation about the issue would be over and we could move one. Unfortunately the typical response, for many concerned with safety, is that it isn't a biblical issue. For us, there isn't much that is more biblical than caring for the least of these.

In the end it comes down to honesty. It's has to do with being honest about what your priorities are, what you feel God saying to you and how you interpret His word.

Join us as we talk through it. As always, this is a conversation and we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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