Episode 67

Christian Celebrity Deathmatch

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It's not everyday that you get two Christian Celebrity behemoths squaring off over prayer. I know, that makes it sound pretty nefarious. But it is close, especially if we're talking big name Christians like Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Christian activist/author, Shane Claiborne. And if the topic is whether or not one will let the other pray with and for him, then "oh lawd thars a fire!"

If only it were that simple...

...then we could pick a side and be angry at one of them. I mean, isn't there enough to be angry about with at least one of them without this mess.

But, as with all things, it's never that simple. In this you have to weigh a ton of different factors in order to see the clearer picture. That's what we do in this episode, we weighed. And while we took 40 minutes to weigh, we'd love to know where you land on this. So, take a listen and let us know. Quick spoiler alert, Thomas and I don't land on the exact same page on this one.


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