Episode 28

Does Christian Entertainment have to be so Bad?

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Every episode we have talked about pretty serious stuff, but not for this episode! For this episode we wanted to have a little fun. And what is more fun that Christian entertainment? Well, some of it is. Really we ask the question, why is Christian entertainment so bad, so often? Do we have to watch it? We aren't saying that it is all bad or even that it is made that way on purpose. 

Is it possible to produce content that appeals to a larger audience while still sharing the message of Christ.

*Toby Mac Warning*

If you are a Toby Mac fan, just know that while we appreciate his long time talent and the time he has spent in the music industry, we're not huge fans. We might make fun of him a little (please don't tell him) and call him not a great rapper. Also, if you follow Joel Osteen, we make fun of him #SorryNotSorry. 

Here's a list (and links) of people and movies we mention.

Christian Actors

Kurt Cameron

Kevin Sorbo

Jim Caviezel

Shia Labouf (?)

Andrew Garfield (?)

Christian Musicians

Toby Mac

Pete Stewart 

B. Reith

Dre Murray

Christian Bands

DC Talk

Jars of Clay


OC Supertones


Audio Adrenaline



Christian Creators

Phil VischerJellyfish Labs

Christian Music Promoters


Christian Movies/TV Shows


Left Behind

Facing the Giants

God's Not Dead


Veggie Tales

What's in the Bible

Christian News (Satire)

Babylon Bee

Secular Movies/TV Shows/Plays

Boy Meets World

A Very Potter Musical



Secular Musicians

Chance The Rapper

Kanye West

Talib Kweli

Mos Def

Kendrick Lamar

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