Episode 68

Does the Gospel have an Agenda?

Godd Show published on

After we finished recording last week's episode, one of the viewers asked a question the Gospel agenda, so we decided to stay on and answer it. We only planned on taking a few minutes, but not talking long isn't really a thing for either of us, so it ended up being about a 20 minute answer, which coincidentally is the perfect length for an episode. So we decided to just make it this week's episode. Without further ado, here's the question...

The Question

"Is spreading the gospel ‘the’ agenda, rather than loving people?"

She expounded on the question by saying, "Many would say that spreading the gospel is love in action. Yet this falls short of a sincere relationship IMO. If conversion and growth is your agenda, many won’t fit within your agenda’s boundaries."

The episode opens with us getting right into the question. Enjoy.

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