Episode 70

End of a Long Season & Future Surprises

Godd Show published on

This is it, the end of the line. Well, not completely. But it is the end of a season; specifically, season 1. Actually, we're changing the way that we're going to do the show in the future. We're going to a two season a year format. So we won't be airing new episode for the summer, but that doesn't mean we won't be working. In fact, we'll probably work a little harder during this "break" than we do when we're trying to air a weekly episode. With that said, here's what to expect in the future...

I'm kidding. I'm not just going to come right out and tell you. Watch the episode. What I will say is that a new season (S2) will air this fall. The season will focus on three topic arcs that all the episodes will fit inside. Each episode will be tagged for search-ability around those three arcs. And, more interviews.

Formatting the show this way will allow us to provide more content (on the FB page and group) that is more relevant to what's happening in our's and OUR world. Enjoy...

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