Episode 9

Event Driven Christianity

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On this episode we tackle the topic of event driven Christianity. What is event driven Christianity, you ask? It's all the concerts, conferences, gatherings and even Sunday mornings that we depend on to "refill" us spiritually, until we can make it to the next event.

On the surface there's nothing wrong with attending any of these events. It's when these events become our primary means for connecting to God that they become a problem. When we seek the emotional high of these events as a means to define how close we feel to God, really what we're doing is depending on someone else or something else to make us feel good about Jesus. When this happens our Christianity becomes shallow and has little to do with Jesus.

Instead, we should be looking to grow deeper in Christ on a daily basis. Our identity should be found in Him, rather than an event about Him. Attending events should be geared toward building on and confirming what Christ is doing in our life on a daily basis. Sunday morning services should be a collective celebration of the rest of your week that was spent in Christ. Things like spiritual disciplines and Gospel centered community can lead us to that place.


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