Episode 25

g(O)dd Couple: Coitus, Comparing & Communication, but First, Dating...

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We thought it would be fun to a couple’s episode, well a couple couple’s episodes. This week my wife, Sarah, and I will discuss a few issues and next week Thomas and his wife, Angy, will discuss some.

In this episode Sarah and I tackle some pretty important, and touchy, subjects. We are not experts in marriage, but we have been through alot, sought counsel from wise married couples and have done our best to follow Jesus in a way that brings Him glory and honor. In all that, we have learned a thing or two.


All I’ll say on this is, the longer you can date, and maintain the purity of relationship and respect and honor for each other, then do it. The longer you are able to date, then the deeper you will know each other and the more emotional, spiritual and intellectual intimacy you are able to build.


The most important part about this is that you have these conversations early and often. If you have baggage surrounding sexual issues, get help by talking to someone. Sex is the physical expression of intimacy built in those all those other areas of intimacy.


Comparing yourselves, as a couple, to other couples can be a very damaging thing. It can easily lay the groundwork for resentment. Sarah said, “Comparison is the sister to envy.” Comparison can be healthy when we use it as a point of reference rather than a model to follow.


Communication as a couple is critical. As a couple we should be looking to learn how to communicate in healthy ways. Part of that healthy communication is learning to speak your spouse’s language. I’m not talking about learning their literal language, although if your spouse speaks Spanish and you don’t learning their would probably help communication. I’m talking about learning their love language. It is good to know what your love language is, but better to know theirs, as it helps in you serving them.


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