Episode 27

g(O)dd Couple: Selfishness, Unity & Social Media

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We decided to continue with the marriage topics, because we had a long list of them. But, this time it's just Thomas and Bruce. I know we're not married, but we're kinda married. Think Turk and JD from the TV show Scrubs and you have us (of course, without the doctor stuff and cool theme music, but we are working on theme music).

As funny as most things are to us, we chose a few pretty serious topics. The topics we selected are selfishness, unity and social media.


We all know, and most would agree, that selfishness will quickly ruin a marriage. Unfortunately it isn't until we get married that we realize just how selfish we can be. The hope, however, is that we can move from a place of selfishness to a place where it is "us" against the world. Left unchecked, selfishness can lead to asking dangerous questions about whether or not your marriage is what you "signed up for."


The second topic we discussed was unity. In the beginning of every marriage, as selfishness is undone every marriage should be moving toward unity. But unity takes continued work and dedication.

Social Media

The last topic we talk about is social media's impact on marriage. Social media can easily be a point of tension, but if you are focused on building trust and unity, it doesn't have to be.

In the end, selfishness is easy, unity takes work, but is the best, and social media can, but doesn't have to be, a slippery slope.

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