Episode 5

Nudity in Movies & Service Based Devotion to God

Godd Show published on

For episode 5 we invite our first guest co-host, long time friend Curtis Marshall, onto the show. He shared what God has been doing through his upcoming separation from the military and what, for him, serving God looks like right now.

Our first topic starts by asking the question, "Is it okay for Christians to watch movies or television shows with nudity?" Lots of Christians say they have no issue watching shows like Game of Thrones because the nudity isn't an issue for them, but should it be?

The second topic is something that Thomas has been talking with a lot of Christians about lately. During multiple conversations, people have told Thomas that they're starting to realize that they are serving in certain areas of the church out of a felt obligation rather than out of being compelled by an active relationship with God. Does "faith without works is dead" obligate us to serve, or is there something deeper than that?

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