Episode 16

Quick Fire g(O)dd Questions

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For this episode Thomas and Bruce decided to not limit the show to one topic. Instead they came up with a list of questions and gave some quick-ish answers, then moved on. Here's that list and their short answers.

Question 1

In your view, what are the top two issues facing The Church and Christianity today?


De-coupling politics from the core of Christianity and dealing with the old church (what the church has been) and the new church (what the church is becoming).


The way the church has defined community and confusion surrounding discipleship.

Question 2

Is there a crisis involving discipleship? Why or why not? Where should we pinpoint our attention?


Yes. We need to focus on what it means to follow.


Yes. We need to convince the average Christian that our focus should be on being discipled, versus our conversion.

Question 3

Between traditional church, home church and seeker-friendly church, what is authentic ecclesia?

Thomas explained the three different types of church. Bruce broke down authentic ecclesia and it's long. But in a nutshell... starts in the home and builds genuine gospel centered missional community, moves toward multiple groups consistently gathering with each other to celebrate the good things of God and what he's done, is doing and going to do and culminates with those individual communities impacting their close geographical areas for the Gospel.

Question 4

Is Sunday an effective platform for evangelism?


It's an okay place, but not really the best place.


No. The corporate gathering should be focused on equipping the believer.

Question 5

What is one teaching that is burning inside you right now?


Forgiveness is not intended for your conscious.


Heart space, home space and life space and how institutional church does it backwards.

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