Episode 14

Religious Conviction and Falling on Your Sword

Godd Show published on

As Christians should we pick one issue (whether social, cultural or political) to be our solitary religious conviction? If so, what do we do when people, or society, thumbs their collective nose at that issue and it doesn't go the way we want it to? Do we take our "ball" and go home? Quit our job? Stop engaging in the public square? Or should we  continue to pray, stay engaged and try to speak and show grace, love, mercy and truth into our society? This is a topic we might "fall on our sword" over.

In this episode we takle the question about how we should handle our religious convictions within our culture. We chose the topic mostly because of our current political climate. But, we were also prompted to talk about it because an elected member of a school board in California, who seemed to be quite popular with his constituants and parents on both ends of the political spectrum, chose not to run for re-election because of his disagreement with California's decision to allow kids to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify with.  That reponse caused us to ask the question, "Should we disengage the culture over singular issues? Or is there a benefit to staying engaged to influence other areas?"

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