Episode 40

Should the Church Build Leaders?

Godd Show published on

In this week's episode, like a chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream cone, Bruce and Thomas are back and together in the same place. In the last couple weeks the podcast has seen their wives show up to review The Shack and an interview with James Roberson, 516 Project, about the upcoming 8 Days of Hope event in Lafayette, LA. In this episode we discuss church leaders, or more specifically, their infatuation with developing and building leaders.

Leaders versus Disciples

When Jesus gave us the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) He instructed us to make disciples. Somehow the western church has turned that into a leadership development calling. What if we focused on making disciples instead and in doing so, we created disciple makers. By the very definition of "making disciples who make disciples", we are making leaders. What if we focused on disciple making? What would change?

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