Episode 6

Trans Bathrooms, Targeting Target & Community

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For episode 6 we invite long time, good friend, Steven Frausto, to be our guest co-host! Steven is a recent graduate of Moody Bible Institute and currently works there as a Food Purchaser. Steven is currently hanging out in Chicago, IL. You can follow Steven on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM.

Our First topic of the show was the current uproar over North Carolina's House Bill 2. You can read the actual bill HERE, but in a nutshell, it prohibits people from using or entering public facilities (bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.) other than those designated for the gender you were born with. Essentially a man who identifies as a woman cannot use the woman's bathroom and vice versa. Along with that we discussed the Christian response to Target's new policy that allows you to use the bathroom appropriate to the gender you identify with. 

The initial response to Target's new policy was a boycott initiated by the American Family Association. This has been a rally point for many conservatives, lots of which identify as Christian. Is this a correct response? Collectively, we (Bruce, Thomas & Steven) tend to lean more toward the "love your neighbor and stop fighting stupid things" camp of this issue.

The second topic we discussed, which we easily transitioned into was the topic of Christian community. Specifically what is is and what it is intended for. There is a ton that could be said about Christian community, but the consensus was that the focus of the community (that being walking with each other toward more Christ-likeness) was more important that the make-up of it. 

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