Episode 17

What Could Church Look Like

Godd Show published on

In the last episode we answered a number of questions, one of them being what the gathering of saints could look like. In this episode we expand on that idea. To get a wider view of the topic we invited our friend, founder of RedCon 1 Ministries, Rob Burton to join us.

We talk about the distinct difference between a home church model and the traditional institutional model. What we envision is a church that is a marriage between the intimacy of a small community of believers that home church offers and the communal celebration of the corporate gathering.

Without going into deep detail, we all pretty much agreed that a healthy church looks like a community of committed believers that gather in their homes and who God naturally moves toward gathering with each other in celebration.

We want to be clear that the model that we talk about is not the "right" way to do church, but it is the way that we feel God has called us to.

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