Episode 24

Why Do I Need to Find "My People"

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All sorts of things come to mind when someone says the phrase, "my people." Over the last few months Thomas and I have been talking about how important, to building a thriving community, "finding your people" is. In this episode we talk about why you need to find yours. In later episodes we plan to cover the where and how of the whole thing.

All Walks

Finding your peeps is important in nearly every walk of life, if you desire fullness. Whether it is for a hobby or building a team for a business venture, finding your people is necessary. In the context of this episode we specifically address the necessity of finding your people to build Gospel Centered Community.

Who Are Your People

Your people are those that have a desire to move in the same direction as you. They are the ones that value the same stuff, although you do not have to be in total agreement with each other on everything. In fact, it is typically not beneficial, counterproductive even, to agree 100% on 100% of issues. Instead, your crowd wants to move in the same direction as you toward weightier issues. Again, in the context of this episode, we are talking about those Christians that deeply desire Christ and building a committed community with other Christians in a way that drives them deep into Christ and each others' lives

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