Thinking Out Loud

Episode 1

Alphabet Soup (LGBTQ in the UMC, Sex in the SBC, and Adoption)

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Thinking Out Loud is a place to digest audibly the things we tend to think through silently. We'll look at a variety of complex issues from a variety of points of view, not necessarily to get to "right answers" but to build empathy and perspective.

Today's guest, Steve Lamotte, is a pastor in the United Methodist Church. We discuss the recent decision made by the UMC and the current and potential fallout (3:45), the recent sex scandal in the Southern Baptist Convention and what about the institutional church makes things like this possible (20:30), and finally we talk about his family's experience with adoption and the call on the body of Christ to be a part of that work (36:00).


Summary on the UMC decision:

Original report on the SBC by the Houston Chronicle:


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