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Episode 167

Episode 148 - Switch Lite

Nbz published on

Howdy folks! It is once again time to talk about video games and we are here to do so. Nbz is in Edinburgh for a few weeks so got the chance to check out a bunch of VR stuff with Bally. Bally starts things off with Moss, before Nbz gives his thoughts on a bunch of VR games including the Battlefront X-Wing Mission, Superhot VR, Beatsabre and Astro Bot. Bally also checks in with Pokemon Sun, a game that has been on his backlog for a very long time. Nbz then chats some more about Mario Maker 2 and closes out the segment with his annoyances in unlocking the Picnic Panic DLC for The Messenger. After the break we answer some of your e-mails about Retro Game collections on Switch and what other wild Nintendo crossovers we would like to see, before closing things out with a discussion on the Switch Lite and the new Switch with longer battery life!

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