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Episode 170

Episode 151 - Astral Chain & Indie World!

Nbz published on

Hey everyone! This week we are back to a regular show having bombarded your feed with a massive podcast last time. Hopefully you're all caught up because there are a bunch of things to talk about. First things first we talk about the games we've been playing. Bally has taken a break from Fire Emblem to finish up a trilogy he's been working on for a while with Uncharted 3! Nbz meanwhile picked up Platinum's latest Switch exclusive, Astral Chain and has some early thoughts about it. He also played through 2 big indie games that have been talked about in the Switch sphere for a little while, namely Ape Out and Yoku's Island Express. After the break we pick up with some of your e-mails, first discussing if playing a lot of a game in a short period of time affects our enjoyment and then having a fun chat about what Scottish references there will be in Pokemon Sword and Shield. We close things out chatting about a bit of news including the recent Indie World direct and rumours about Overwatch on Switch.

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