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Episode 156 - Luigi's Mansion 3 Blowout & Terry In Smash

Nbz published on

Hey everyone! We're back and in the home stretch towards the end of the year! That means the video games are happening, none moreso than Luigi's Mansion 3. Both Nbz and Bally have finished the game and they go in depth with their thoughts on everything from structure to mechanics to how much pizza Mario can handle. In what we've been playing we discuss spoiler free opinions, but stick around till the end of the show if you've finished as well because we talk all about the various areas and bosses in spoiler filled detail. The boys have also been having a lot of online multiplayer fun with Nidhogg 2, a great fighting/platforming game that is as rage inducing as it is delightful. Nbz closes the section out with this thoughts on Terry Bogard in Smash Bros and the love that went into this latest DLC character. After the break we answer you e-mails on why more developers don't make Zelda style games, why don't AAA games have more puzzles, and whether Link's Awakening's game design is actually outdated. We then close things out with a spoiler discussion on Luigi's Mansion 3, so don't worry if you've not finished the game yet, you can pause it after segment 2 and come back for it later!

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