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Episode 45

Episode 42 - E3 2015 Prediction Special

Nbz published on

Well here we are everyone, E3 is just round the corner and we are here to provide all the pre-show hype! First up though we talk about some video games. Bally has finally and somewhat unbelievably finished Xenoblade Chronicles. The end may have been a slog, but he did it! We then discuss the single player of Splatoon and its merits, before Nbz writes a love letter to The Witcher 3 which is a big challenger for his game of the year. After the break we dive into E3 mania! We kick off by reviewing our predictions from last year, before moving onto making new ones. After that we read some of your e-mails which contain many interesting predictions as well. Next week we will be brining you an E3 special directly after the Nintendo Digital Event, so keep your eyes peeled to your podcast feeds! Remember to send all your correspondence to our E-mail Address:

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