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Episode 52

Episode 48

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the show! This week is a very special episode as we have our 2nd guest on the podcast, namely Liam (aka Tamaki) from Unseen64, Nintendo Life and many other places on the internet! He is an expert in the art of unreleased video games, and we have a great discussion with him about them, but first we discuss what we've been playing! Bally continues his platformer education with Rayman Legends on Wii U and has postive early impressions. Liam hasn't had much time to play games, but brings discussion on Rare Replay and Bayonetta 2. Finally Nbz closes things out with his early thoughts on Code Name STEAM, which has surprisingly not driven him completely insane yet. After the break we answer e-mails on a follow up to Chris Pranger's firing and diversifying our gaming tastes, before closing out the show with an extended conversation about Liam's work with unreleased games and more. Remember to send all your correspondence to our E-mail Address:

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