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Episode 65

Episode 59

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Hey everyone, welcome back to the show! This week Bally digs into his e-shop backlog to tick of the original Trine: Enchanted Edition. He isn't too hot on it, but thankfully he is also playing Fire Emblem: Awakening so a good time is being had! Nbz played through GOTY contender from 2015, Undertale as well as the recently released PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider, and yes, he can actually pronounce the name Lara correctly. After the break we get into some of your e-mails, before diving headfirst into a discussion about Pokemon's 20th Anniversary. We chat about all the things Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have planned for this year and then break down our pokemon origins and how we got into the series. Remember to send all your correspondence to our E-mail Address:

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