Three Best Friends Podcast

Episode 8

TBF Revisited - Destiny

Three Best Friends published on

Josh and Randal have 2 other Best Friends with them this week.

David and Aaron return to discuss Destiny.

We resvist the game and it's changes, expansions and limitations almost a year in and share our thoughts on the good, the bad and the awesome!

Hopefully our first of many in the "revisited" line of episodes!

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  • Richard Dalziel

    Great Job Guys, first podcast of anytime time I've ever listened too!
    I want to comment on some of the "issues" you guys find with the game and how I see them differently. We are vastly different types of gamers for the most part, so the different views are to be expected.
    I'll preface this with I don't read gaming reviews because too much is emphasized on "stuff" I don't care about. I don't care about soundtrack, I don't need groundbreaking graphics or guns that all look amazingly different or shaders etc. That stuff doesn't garner attention from me in the slightest, I don't collect or chase vanity items very often, it's rare when I do (WoW I played for 10years ALOT! over 400days...I chased 1 vanity item)
    There was a lot brought up on the story sucking ass, It DOES, but I played the missions and leveled with the thought aspect that it's "MMO" doesn't start to max level, this shit is just here to get me there, looking for a great story in this type of mmo I think isn't realistic, the WoW story sucks, all the WoW killers etc stories suck. The story in an MMO is built from the things you do with friends, the stories from party chat, they stuff you did in a raid, PoE that made everyone laugh at you or amaze you etc, those are where the stories are built in these types of game imo, from what happens with me and my friends while trying to achieve something together. I mean, I still remember my first Crota raid and killing Dave with my bubble, I was an idiot for doing it, Dave was pissed (it was like 45min into working on Crota, most of us new to the fight that night) but damn looking back, it was funny as shit, or Bobby shooting himself in the foot and the silence in party chat for a few minutes, we felt terrible for him. Things like this make the story, not the game itself.
    You guys mentioned it a lot, it's a multiplayer game, that's what creates the story, our groups story will differ from every other groups, It's unique and awesome

  • Richard Dalziel

    There was talk about the grind and gap and confusion to get from 20-26 for the raid. - Coming from a WoW background, this is the standard for every expansion they ever put out, you get to max level, run the dungeons to get gear to run heroic version of dungeon, then proceed to the raid. I felt this was built the same way and it felt 100% like naturally progression to me.
    I hit level 20, I ran strike playlists (akin to dungeons) collecting "light gear" (akin to item level gear in WoW) to progress to the next tier up in the playlist until I could unlock the raid. It was normal to me, I didn't find this a hindrance, It allowed me time to unlock my abilities fully and learn how to use them before the next step opened up for me
    It was normal to me, and I'm sure it is to thousands of others playing Destiny today

  • Richard Dalziel

    Factions: These aren't the waste quite viewed as they are
    1. They do offer unique shaders/emblems/ships for people who care about vanity items (FAR MORE DO THAN DON'T)
    2. Each faction may sell a scout rifle, but they will be VASTLY different (besides the colour) one will have a High Impact, low rate of fire, one will be the exact opposite and one in between them, both, add in the fact they come with a base set of perks that will be different. Those VAST differences will suit different play styles, this comes down to guys who love to min/max in there play style,
    Speaking of that, the scope of weapon differences is A LOT larger than I think most players realize. For instance Scout rifles have FOURTEEN different scope types that add different types of bonuses. That's depth that nobody realizes is there, you need to look for it and that is where Destiny lacks a lot. There are hidden perks/features to TOO MUCH, that's needs to be done better
    Add in the fact you can re-roll the perks on the vendor sold weapons and can create a weapon that is perfect for your PERSONAL playstyle.

  • Richard Dalziel

    Is there an end to content? Is there anything to do after PoE 35 is beat?
    That's in the eye of the beholder, lots of people that it until the next xpac, Randy suits this mold
    Others it's perfecting the build, getting the best items, maxing them out, chasing the carrot (GALLY FOR ME)
    Once it;s beat, you could level another class and despite all performing with weapons the same, they all play VASTLY different, right down to the simplicity of jumping mechanics is unique to each class, how many games have different classes jump differently? That's where things get unique and sweet, each character feels different, but performs the same with the weapons, how you get to point A and transition changes. It's unique to Destiny and doesn't get the praise it deserves IMO