Thrive in Recovery
Episode 4

Shaming the Sick - Addiction and Stigma - Akiva Daum, MD, FAPA

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Serenity Oaks Medical Director Akiva Daum, MD, FAPA Shares about the Stigma associated with addiction. He makes a wonderful comparison about how other chronic conditions (like Diabetes) are viewed with more compassion and tolerance even if treatment is not successful while addiction is looked down upon when treatment is not successful and or even deemed untreatable because of their condition. He drives home the point that just like Diabetes with proper treatment, education and relapse prevention tools the individual can recover from this chronic condition. The same is true for the diabetic who manages their condition with all their recommended treatments and therapies. There is no deference between the two, they are both diseases which can be managed and should be seen as treatable conditions.
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