Tooth Salvage

Episode 4

Dr. Darrell Misak Shares Dr. Carey Reams Legacy

Constance Gravestock published on

In this interview, Dr. Darrell Misak N.D. of Pittsburgh Alternative Clinic, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania shares how Reams Theory of Biological Ionization (RBTI) can create a guide to individualized nutritional choices while restoring or maintaining healthy mineralization.  An amazing agronomist, the late Carey Reams providentially applied the principles of soil science to human physiology.  Once he created a basic system, he was hounded for the rest of his life for his "crime" of helping people restore lost health through this simple means and thus avoiding allopathic intervention.  Dr. Misak has become the practitioner of our day that "sees pictures" in the numbers as did Dr. Reams.  He shares a glimpse of what he has learned from his patients in his clinical practice over the years.   Five simple non-invasive tests can be done twice daily on urine and saliva providing the vital information.  

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