Truth Health Freedom Podcast
Episode 13

Fear To Fulfilment: Find Your Life Path & Realise Your Potential - With Holistic Health & Self Development Coach Craig Seaton

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An interview with Craig Seaton, Manchester-based Holistic Health & Self Development Coach, Breathwork & Meditation Teacher, Lucid Dreamer, Explorer of Consciousness & Enthusiast of Life.

Craig is devoted to raising Human Potential through the growth of Consciousness, Mind, Spirituality, Physicality, Emotion, Energy.

He shares his own journey, from personal training through to meditation, philosophy, breathwork, nutrition, and psychadelics. We explore his influences and life-lessons, and his passion for helping people find their path and develop the necessary attributes to follow it. 

Craig is trying to live by example by following his own passions, which has led him to overcome his fears of public speaking, create a workshop called Fear to Fulfilment, and to start writing a book on harnessing our 4 energy systems.

In this energising interview, Craig's infectious enthusiasm for life, consciousness and the journey shines through for all to hear.

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Host and Interviewer: Alan Burton
Interview Date: 20th May 2018
Photo: Alan Burton & Craig Seaton, 20th May 2018

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The Truth Health Freedom Podcast Mission Statement:
This podcast focuses on natural health and healing, truth seeking, consciousness and empowerment. My guests and I shine a light on these areas and always bring the focus back to the solution to empower YOU, the audience, with information and perspectives to help your life.
I’m doing this for anyone who wishes to heal naturally, to thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For people who wish to find a more sustainable way of living in harmony with each other and the planet. For those who wish to explore the great mysteries, from human origins to the nature of consciousness, anyone who wants to know what’s really going on in the world and, most importantly, what we can do about it. This podcast is for anyone who wants to be empowered to live a life of authenticity, purpose and fulfilment, a life beyond their current limitations, a life that does more than just earn money to pay the bills, one that will help humanity and the planet now and for generations to come.

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