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Episode 14

Paul Coleman - Walking the Earth, Planting Trees & Writing Fairytales for Peace, Environmental Sustainability & Preservation Of This Beautiful Planet

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An interview with Paul Coleman, also known as the Earth Walker. Paul's extraordinary life has taken him from Manchester to his current eco-home in Patagonia passing through 39 nations along the way. He has walked much of the Earth and written fairytales to promote peace, the beauty of nature and environmental sustainability. In this interview he talks of his early life and career in the merchant navy, his powerful vision in Iceland which inspired him on a path to spread his message of conservation, his adventures rafting down the Amazon river, his first great walk from Canada to Rio to attend the 1992 Earth Summit, how he came to walk and plant trees all over the world and in particular he takes us deep into the heart of Sarajevo at the height of the war in 1995. Finally he describes how he met his beloved wife Konomi and explains how and why they built their eco-home in the mountains of Patagonia where they live to this day. 

This is an inspiring story for anyone who has a dream of living more sustainably in harmony with the planet, an example of what can be achieved when one commits to a path motivated by a higher purpose.

Paul Coleman Biography (from Linkedin)

Paul Coleman,was born in Manchester, at a time when it's industry was in a state of decay and the city was suffering through a century of pollution with a ship canal so polluted that merely to fall in it meant a visit to the hospital. This rather unnatural environment led him to dream of visting the places he read of in books. Places like the Amazon, for example, where he would picture himself leading expeditions, wading through Piranha infested waters and meeting up with the Indians in the forest. These dreams led him to a life time of travel, first in the Merchant Navy, then as a Chauffeur to a friend of the British Royal Family and finally as an Earthwalker, planting trees and spreading the environmental messages as he walked almost fifty thousand kilometers through 39 nations inspiring people wherever he went. Now he lives with his wife Konomi near the village of La Junta in Patagonian Chile, where they are creating a sustainable lifestyle . They have built their home, with their own hands, using ancient technologies and modern ideas to have minimum impact on the natural environment and utilizing the natural resources available from their land and the immediate vicinity, on a small piece of hillside pasture that had previously been eroded by cattle and sheep to the extent that it looked like a pool table. This pool table of land gave them a blank canvas to work with and they have planted more than 1300 indigenous trees and fruit trees to bring it back to its former glory, while at the same time to providing them with a food forest to compliment the terrace gardens that they have made. Their drinking water comes from a nearby steam, which runs dry for at least five months of the year. In order to feed the gardens during this time they catch rain from their house, guest cabin, greenhouses and hillside slopes, channeling the water into the nineteen ponds they have created. Their work and farm is known throughout the region and they often receive visitors from the government and organisations interested in sustainability and the alternative methods of farming that the couple have used to grow crops not previously grown in the region.

Footnote: Paul did end up leading an expedition, wading through Piranha infested waters and meeting up with the Indians!

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Interview recorded 20th May 2018 in Cheshire and Patagonia via Zoom Call

Interviewer, Host and Show Creator: Alan Burton

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