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Episode 2

Psychology and the Spirit: How new dimensions in psychology can set you free - with Spiritual Psychotherapist Charmain Berry

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An interview with Manchester based spiritual psychotherapist Charmain Berry. Charmain explains how new developments in psychology, particularly the Internal Family Systems model (or IFS), are improving patient outcomes especially in healing trauma. She explains how these cutting-edge developments fuse ancient and modern wisdom and build a bridge between science and spirituality, between shamanism and quantum physics. We explore such topics as love and epigenetics, discuss the connection between the body and the psyche, and discover why aligning with self energy is not just important for healing but is also vital to our ability to live authentically and to thrive individually and collectively. We discuss the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm through Charmain's belief that healing society and the planet begins with healing ourselves. Charmain explians where you, the audience, can learn more about this topic and these methods, and how you can take responsibility for your own health, wellbeing and personal growth (see links below).

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Facebook : charmain berry psychotherapies 

IFS training / workshops

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One day introductory workshop this Sunday 15th April at Yoga Central 

IFS monthly meet up group - 1st Monday of every month 

Facebook group: Internal Family Systems Manchester Group 


Charmain Berry is an accredited (BABCP) psychotherapist working in private practice in Manchester specialising in the treatment of psychological trauma.  She holds a degree in Psychology and Diploma in CBT model counselling.  She is an EMDR Europe Association Approved EMDR practitioner and is a qualified Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner and is also trained in Comprehensive Resource Model - a novel therapeutic model which uniquely bridges neuroscience and spirituality. 

For over 16 years Charmain has been dedicated to expanding her awareness of the human psyche with this leading to the field of trauma and the discovery that ‘mental health’ difficulties directly correlate with earlier life adversity, neglect and inadequate attachment during childhood.  This includes the gestational period of life.  She also holds space for people who believe that wider experiences such as past life and ancestoral trauma also impact upon the present.  She considers herself a ‘trauma informed’ therapist and is in full support of the emerging paradigm shift which is now challenging the mainstream’s assumptions on emotional and physical healing.

Charmain has a specialist interest in the newer psychotherapies and has recently completed training in an approach called Internal Family Systems.  This is a psycho-spiritual psychotherapy which provides a safe and understandable way to navigate and heal the complex arrangements within the psyche.  The two basic principles of IFS assume that 1) we each have an un-damageable core self and 2) the psyche is multiple in structure.  The founder of this approach (Dick Schwartz) learnt that if we align Self-energy with our wounded and dissociated psyche ‘parts’ we can effect healing.  From this premise he was able to map out the systemic arrangement patterns within the psyche and develop the techniques required to enter into this murky world in a safe and respectable way.

IFS not only brings to life the ancient teachings of our ancestors but it also enables us to contextualise these into the modern world and the contemporary psychological problems we face. 

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