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Episode 3

Songs of the Shaman - Icaros for World Peace - An Interview With Maestro Shaman Richard Down

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An Interview with Maestro Shaman Richard Down, recorded on 16th April 2018 ahead of his Power Up Manchester event on 5th May 2018 at Heaven and Earth The Space. We discuss his life's journey from jack of all trades to psychotherapist and master NLP practitioner, then to the upper Amazon jungle of Peru, his time spent with the Shipibo -Conibo tribe and Maestro Shaman Antonia Vasquez Gallaretta, his introduction to plant medicine and healing songs known as icaros, to his current life as a maestro shaman, healing song carrier, icaro singer and sound healer. Richard passionately expresses his belief in the healing power of the human voice, the innate healing power we all carry, the need to master the mind and access our heart, soul and spirit, and, of course, his heartfelt mission to use icaros to promote world peace. The music at the beginning and end of the interview is "Icaro for World Peace - Richard Down & Craig Pruess - Sacred Chants from the Medicine World" available from CDBaby

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Biography of Maestro Shaman Richard Down:

Over the last ten years Maestro shaman Richard Down has become known internationally for his work with healing song and sound healing. His work has been described as producing sudden and dramatic healing results in individuals and audiences, and trails of testimonials to this can be found online.

Richard’s healing songs and icaros are inspired by the Shipibo – Conibo tribe of indigenous medicine healers of the Peruvian Upper Amazon, especially his friend, maestro shaman, Antonio Vasquez Gallaretta. Here strong roots for his songs were created in vigils of repeated ceremony and constant immersion in icaro.

Maestro Richard now 54 years of age regards himself with humour as a “young elder”. With a professional background in psychotherapy and hypnosis he often uses hypnotic language and storytelling techniques within his healing songs and soundscapes.

Richard also enjoys the co-creations of work with his wife, Katerina Down – sound healer. They call themselves, Gateway to the Heart - and together they produce sound healing events, World Peace initiatives and an event tour of live performances of that they have called, “The Song,” a shamanic story and sound journey.

In recent years Maestro Richard has been extending the healing power of his medicine songs, linking shamanic communities and gathering people together with a focus on creating pathways towards World Peace initiatives: Strong encouragement of loving ways and an emphasis on summarising wisdom are the mainstays of his message.

For this reason Maestro Richard recently created “Power Up”, a live tour to spread his message of World Peace through his medicine song. The tour began successfully in London in March, and will be coming to the Heaven and Earth Space in Manchester on the 5th of May. In Richard’s own words, “People come together in the name of love – it’s time to co-create World Peace”.

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