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Episode 5

Why On Earth?: One Man's Barefoot Trek Across Iceland to Demonstrate The Remarkable Health Benefits of Earthing - An Interview with John Craig

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‘Real Rover’ John Craig is the man who introduced Earthing to Japan and began a substantial movement under the banner of ‘Earthling’. In 2017 John embarked on a 633km barefoot coast to coast walk across Iceland to demonstrate the remarkable health benefits of Earthing. This journey has been captured in John’s forthcoming documentary, “Why On Earth”, and in this episode John tells us all about Earthing and vividly describes his remarkable barefoot trek across the lava, mountains, glacial lakes and icy rivers of Iceland. More than a physical endeavour, this was a journey of deep connection with the spirit of the land and it’s wildlife, with the wind and the water, and, ultimately, one man’s rediscovery of his own true human nature.

The documentary film “Why On Earth”, directed by Gunnar Sigurosson, is coming soon…..

Meanwhile you can learn more about Earthing by watching the documentary "Grounded" here

Clint Ober's book "Earthing: The Most important Health Discovery Ever?" can be found here among other places

John Craig Biography

John Craig (a.k.a. Echan deravy) was born in Scotland and has lived multiple lives as an expat in Japan. He has been an entrepreneur in the West and the East, has written and translated over 40 books on new paradigm science, spirituality, travel and ancient civilization as well as translated works on consciousness, health and ecology. As a documentary film maker he has recently produced 'Why on Earth', about a barefoot walk across Iceland, as well as 'Earth Pilgrims' filmed in six different countries. He has interviewed dozens of individuals from both the East and the West and published their talks in Japanese. He has been a corporate adviser, adventure tour leader, interpreter, freelance journalist, lecturer and television commentator in Japan. His ground breaking lecture series Echan Juku has close to 200 eighty minute lectures in Japanese with an ecelectic following of people who crave solid, different and empowering information.

As a disaster relief worker he has been inside Japan's worst tsunami devastation as a truck driver as well as built a typhoon bunker with earthship volunteers on Leyte island in the Philippines. 

He has practised zen all his adult life and has a penchant for arcane mysticism especially from the 13th century.

He recently started his own podcast called Real Rover to explore ‘Why on Earth’ we, as humans, have gotten so far off track in our relationship to our planet, each other and thus to ourselves. Real Rover focuses on the vital balances between the East and the West, the Inner and the Outer, the Male and the Female, the spiritual and the material. He interviews people you will discover have been tackling the Pacific Rim Divide, the Samurai curtain, the communication gulf that actually does exist between our left brains and our right. Intuition and reason will thus be conjoined!

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  • John Craig

    Very cool beginning! Dive straight in and cut to the chase!

  • Excellent interview. Excellent interviewee. Excellent interviewer. Lots of fun. An adventure from beginning to end.