Two Fats and a Black
Episode 17

The Boys Are Here to Discuss Earth

Frankie Stone published on

In this week's episode, The Boys talk about the crisis in Australia, Mel Gibson. Specifically how he set the World on fire with the movie Passion of the Christ. Too soon? Or Not soon enough? Frank provides legitimate insight on how to combat the wildfires. Something about controlled man-made fires. Frank refuses to house koalas until the fire is under control. Brian believes that humans don't deserve nice things and we need to just leave everything alone. Earth is a hot mess, and has become the Florida of the universe. With all of the junk floating around our planet it is time to move. Seriously, go look at pictures of all the trash floating around Earth. The Boys talk about the possibility of life elsewhere, and pose the question, "Would you have sex with aliens in order to have unlimited knowledge? But you cannot profit off of said knowledge." Feel free to contact us with your responses! Enjoy!

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  • Danger Boi

    Dear 2FaaB,
    I get why you decided to give Ant a microphone, but why Kyle. There is something wrong with him. I came up with a list of problems of your podcast, I hope this helps you with feature listener ship.

    DB's List:
    The show needs more Ant - the addition is great and adds more intelligence
    Kyle (just WTF!!! LMFAO)

    DB (AKA - Huge Ant Fan)