Two Fats and a Black
Episode 16

The Boys Are Here with 2020 Vision

Frankie Stone published on

In the first episode of the new year, The Boys talk about the craziness of gun laws in the US; the ways in which white men "peacock"; how are generation no longer has hobbies; tips on how to avoid being catfished/becoming the vicim of a sexual predator; Brian and Frank give their take on dating apps, and why people are not finding as much success as they once were. The Boys (Frank and Kyle) ask the question, What reason would a man have to become a gynecologist other than to look at vaginas all day? 


If you're a gynecologist, or anyone with any sort of knowledge of the female anatomy, please reach out to us. We have no business giving medical advice. 


Enjoy the episode!

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  • Danger Boi

    Dear 2FaaB,
    White guy equivalent to big wheels would be "lifted trucks". You are all definitely city kids. I though Brian would know this, he did recently spent a vacation in my home town surrounded by a bunch of red necks.
    Just for the record the look of disappointment on my face would be the same as the disabled kids if i ever had to meet Kyle.
    I think Kyle is not having sex because of tinder, must be the cat-fishing, He should put his real picture on there, maybe he would run into the handicap kids girl and hook something up.
    Every time Brian is near you his counselor senses flare up and let him know you have down-syndrome.
    DB (AKA-Pack of HOMO's/Brian's tummy sticks buddy)