Two Fats and a Black
Episode 14

The Boys Are Here with a Dog

Frankie Stone published on

In this week's episode, The Boys are joined by their first guest! It's Bello, the rescue dog! Bello begins the episode by vomiting on Frank's shoes. This leads to Frank and Kyle having to switch pants, and Kyle having to wear suit pants for the duration of the show. Bello discusses life as a former fighting dog, and the strength it took to leave his abusers and establish a life following everything he went through. The boys are very supportive, and in no way offensive. 

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  • Danger Boi

    Dear Brian,
    Why do you sit in a room with these guys? Your dog doesn't even like them... lol You should have taught him to puke on Kyle though, not Frank.
    Your friend,
    DB (AKA-the 3rd Fat)