Two Nerds and Their Pod
Episode 9

Godzilla vs. Kong

Domain Gaming published on

Alright Nerd Fam, on the left standing at 355ft and weighing 90,000 short tons, he's slithers, he roars, he will get them toes, GODZILLA! And on the left, standing at a staggering 337ft and a healthy 50,000 tons, he's fuzzy, he has thumbs, he will bang his chest all night long! KONG!! And as special guests, we have Kaiju resident Ian Woods owner of The Domain Gaming and Esme Aragon, amateur movie critic.


00:30 Introduction

03:55 Graphics Rating

10:55 Writing/Story Rating

24:37 Acting Rating

35:45 But WHO won?

43:55 Ugh too many humans

51:52 The production side

59:47 Final Thoughts

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