Two Nerds and Their Pod
Episode 15

What's that Isekai?!

Domain Gaming published on

Hey Nerd Fam! Have you ever watched an anime where the main character is sucked into another world, alternative universe, game? Maybe they died and got another chance at life?? Apparently, that's a genre now! Join us as we discuss this uprising new anime genre : Isekai!


01:20 What IS an Isekai?
06:10 Grimgar
10:05 That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime
12:33 Rising of the Shield Hero
16:15 Wait. . . Inuyasha is an Isekai?
27:00 Define. . . Weird Isekai. . .
30:40 Random Thought : FF14 Netflix Dad of Light
33:10 Ready Player One an Isekai MOVIE?
36:30 Knights and Magic
40:25 Isekai not a cliche yet!
45:25 Final Thoughts! (I can't think of a catchy title lol)

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