Episode 9

UNSTUCK With Kevin Adler S1E9 Combat Veteran / MMA Fighter / Gym Owner Patrick Murphy

Kevin Adler published on

Patrick Murphy is the founder and co-owner of Pulse Boxing & Fitness - a fitness business located in the Chicago suburbs. Patrick is a combat veteran having served in Iraq as a member of the US Army's 82nd Airborne unit as a paratrooper. Patrick is a former professional MMA fighter and after starting his post-military fitness career at LifeTime Fitness Partrick went on to open his own fitness business in 2016. Themes covered in Patrick's life story include: Passion, Committment, Perseverance, Drive, Resilience, Creativity, Adaptability and more. Patrick walks us through his life story and the lessons he learned from the adversity he faced along the way including failing his first attempt at Ranger school and sleeping on an air mattress in the back of his gym while he was building the business. Among many other inspiring lessons Patrick will share how he has adapted his business to the many curve balls of life as an entrepreneur during a pandemic. 

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