Episode 13

Ep. 13: Death Metal Banter

Justin Lawnchair published on

Justin and Alex discuss Trivium's "Shogun" and Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu's "Mouryou" as the previous week's assigned listening, before embarking on the rather broad topic of death metal as a whole. Join the duo as they explore the history of the genre and some of the most notable bands in the industry, along with a curious career trajectory that seems all too common within the genre.


Author's Note: Justin was sick as hell during this recording, so he's a bit nasally here. Additionally, Justin makes a huge deal about how difficult the MTH album was to find, but he noticed it was actually on Spotify about 2 hours later and now he feels incredibly stupid. The Demilich compilation is also on Spotify, and they will probably end up discussing the whole thing, so get on it.

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