Under The Stars
Episode 11

Dr Jonci Jensen - stocking your natural medicine cabinet, homeopathic remedies, chamomile, nux vomica, arnica, ignatia amara, gelsemium #10

Garima Heath published on

Dr Jonci Jensen, ND is a holistic, homeopathic and naturopathic doctor. She gives us tips on how to stock a natural homeopathic medicine cabinet for everyday ailments.  Homeopathic potencies. Chamomille, nux vomica, ignatia amara for suppressed emotions, homeopathic relief for anger, stress, disappointment, sadness. Ease stage fright with gelsemium. Depression and anxiety - go gluten free. Plant based foods, yoga, meditation. Lithium orotate.  Her website: https://www.drjoncijensen.com

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