Under The Stars
Episode 7

Maraba Diraddo - Immune Supporting Broth. #6

Garima Heath published on

Maraba Diraddo is a registered yoga and meditation teacher and certified Pilates instructor. She is trained in nutrition and holistic health. She has a passion for supporting wellbeing through mindful movements and healthy living practices. Today she shares with us her immune boosting vegetable broth recipe and her process for making it. This can also be turned into a bone broth. Spicy, with seaweed, parsley, star anise, juniper berries, onion peels, apple cider vinegar and any vegetables you have on hand - carrots, celery, onion. Also add reishi and shiitake mushrooms, codonopsis and astragalus roots and 6 cups of water. Build up your immune system by releasing stress, deep breathing, dry brushing and yoga poses. Her website -  https://marabayoga.com

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