Untethered Podcast
Episode 85

People do WHAT with their fingers … competitively?

Untethered published on
Gawker files for bankruptcy amid Hogan lawsuit appeal, Lenovo announces the Moto Z and Moto Mods and people do WHAT with their fingers? ## Hosts - Taylor Martin (Twitter: http://twitter.com/caspertek) - Dustin Earley (Twitter: http://twitter.com/du57in) ## Links - Competitive fingerboarding, folks http://bit.ly/1UIimyj - Weird or not, this is just impressive http://bit.ly/1UIiI8n - How to 360 flip (tre flip) a fingerboard http://bit.ly/1UIirSD - The word "fingerboard" sounds worse the more I say it http://bit.ly/1UIiJsK - Lenovo announces the Moto Z http://bit.ly/1UIijTo - Moto Mods http://bit.ly/1UIjmCP - Gawker Media files for bankruptcy and Ziff Davis is looking to buy http://bit.ly/1UIjzpB
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