Untethered Podcast
Episode 89

This DIY gadget will kill any USB device

Untethered published on
We talk about the possibly the most terrifying and sinister DIY gadget ever built, how to get cheap pizza on Twitter, why I’m building a custom PC and my new favorite app for Mac. Watch the video version of this podcast here: http://bit.ly/2a7DRxQ ## Hosts - Taylor Martin (Twitter: http://twitter.com/caspertek) - Dustin Earley (Twitter: http://twitter.com/du57in) ## Links - Troll Box (USB Killer) http://bit.ly/2a7CCic - All-in-One Messenger http://cnet.co/2a7BKtV - Franz http://bit.ly/2aSbFfk - Rambox http://bit.ly/2a7C4ZC - Logical Increments http://bit.ly/2a7DbbE - 50% off pizza #1 http://bit.ly/2a7CIGd - 50% off pizza #2 http://bit.ly/2a7CT4s
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