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Episode 15

Are You Tired of Feeling Tired? Physical, Mental & Emotional Anti Fatigue Strategies with Ashok Gupta

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Anti Fatigue Strategies with Ashok Gupta & Prash K:

Fatigue is the No.1 symptom that people tell their Doctors about. Whether you're a climbing the career ladder or chasing your dreams - fatigue is one of the biggest hurdles that face us now, more than ever. So if you: 

  • Find you’re sometimes running on empty, mentally or physically 
  • Regularly feel tired and stressed from the day, and don’t know how to get your true energy back 
  • Wanting to re-charge biological, emotional and mental systems 
  • Want to wake up each morning feeling motivated and energised, feeling on top of things all day and seeing your goals get closer... 

Then join internationally renowned health and fatigue expert Ashok Gupta - the man behind the celebrated "Gupta Programme" for a deeper journey into what drains our energy, and how we can replenish our system for 2019! 

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Learn more and connect with Ashok and his services through his Official Website: https://www.guptaprogramme.com/

Ashok's superb, highly respected 30 Day free meditation series can be via: https://themeaningoflife.tv/

The breathing strategies and meditation programme referred to by Ashok are part of the "Happiness Programme" - more details: https://www.artofliving.org/uk-en

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