Urban Spirituality
Episode 8

Confessions of a Professional Hacker turned Monk turned International Performance Coach - with Klaus M Nielsen

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Our guest on this episode is a Danish born ex Pentagon hacker who was one of the minds behind Wikileaks, who went on to become a famous international travelling monk, and the force behind the “Ask A Monk” project for nearly a decade, impacting tens of thousands of lives around the world.

Today he uses his diverse insights and eclectic training methods, weaving ancient philosophies with business psychology to help organizations and individuals navigate complex situations and environments, improve performance, and achieve excellence.

Episode Highlights:

  • On his uneasy childhood to becoming a Monk / why he gave it all up to become a Monk
  • On the discovery that you don’t own all those things you – THEY own YOU!
  • The curse of getting too used to the goods we have in life – that there’s got to be something more…
  • The quarter life crisis and why changing one possession/partner for another is not the best way
  • Don’t try to enjoy the world – a monk's perspective
  • An unexpected encounter with a western guru in India and becoming a monk
  • How happiness creeps up on you when you stop pursuing it so hard
  • Why sometimes the things we chase in life are the very things standing between us and our true happiness
  • The principle of “simple living / high thinking”
  • On the curse of a transactional culture / the need to step out of the “transactional” mindset or way of living – because The bill is bigger than the payoff!
  • Sometime you have to stop making yourself over again and again – STOP THINKING about defining yourself – and JUST BE YOURSELF
  • On Klauss’s journey back to the West after 7 years as a monk in remote India
  • On walking around Oslo City Centre with a Sign “Ask A Monk Anything”!
  • Love is about serving that person happy / Lust is wanting that person to make you water – the diff between watering a flower (love) vs picking the flower (lust)
  • On the art of handling criticism
  • What happens when you chase 2 rabbits in life 
  • Don’t look for Easy – easy becomes lazy / look for inspired
  • Klauss’ 3 Tips for super sane living in an insane world

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