Urban Spirituality
Episode 6

Date Your Ego, Marry Your Soul - Life Changing Moments with Serafina Salvador

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An accomplished ex-banker, dancer, actor and writer - Serafina has worn various hats over the past decade. Her latest successes include being the broadcaster of the popular Date Your Ego Marry Your Soul podcast and authoring a spiritual memoir of her life as a banker. She is also the brains behind spiritual self discovery site www.soulcobbler.com - her creative expression of all that she has learnt and her desire to connect with many such like-minded people.

In this Episode, you'll hear about:

-        Finding clarity in a Life is full of greys, (not just black and whites)

-        Getting connected with the world better

-        Refining our ego

-        We choose our parents….!?

-        How to better jointly walk the material and spiritual path

-        Growing up in a spiritual environment

-        Learning from the most ancient tradition on the planet – the Vedic

-        The essence of living

-        From the Himalayas to the Trading Floor

-        The power of mantras à to connect to ones true self in a busy world

-        The significance of the Lotus flower in our daily lives – we carry the potential within ourselves.

-        The trap of over-achieving and why you shouldn’t get caught

-        The importance of “aha” moments

-        Diffferent versions of the ego –

-        Making friends with frustration & anger as a tool for change

-        Say “Namaste” when you get p*ssed off! Namaste goes a long way

-        Talk to yourself that you recognise your soul/accept it’s presence

-        Replacing every negative thought with a positive one

And more!


Show Notes:

The Soul Cobbler: https://www.soulcobbler.com/

Date Your Ego, Marry Your Soul Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/date-your-ego-marry-your-soul/id1367494777?mt=2

The Bhagavad Gita: https://www.bhagavad-gita.us/


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