Urban Spirituality
Episode 4

From Trauma to Transformation: Shedding the shackles of guilt, abuse and excess baggage - with Maa Shaker

Urban Spirituality published on

Cathy (Maa Shaker) is the driving force behind Transformation Through Sound and Gathering Sister's. She is also shamanic channel who has a direct link to a multitude of different realms.

Through her decades of experience and training, Maa is hailed as one of London's best kept secrets for her coaching and mentoring skill, programs and workshops. She is a sought after advocate for inner love as well as bringing communities together with vibrant yet simple mantras. Maa continues to be a great support for those wishing to embark on their journey of self-discovery, until they feel confident to walk it themselves.

Episode Highlights:

-        Why you can’t “make” Love – and what we should be doing instead

-        How to open up and deal with the “luggage” of past experiences we all carry

-        Distinguishing between our own baggage and the stuff we’re carrying for others!

-        Dealing with physical, emotional and verbal abuse

-        Using Forgiveness and understanding as a tool for self-recovery & discovery

-        Free yourself from guilt and shame through recognising karmic chains

-        How to support a loved one with detached compassion

-        The art of balancing giving vs receiving

-        Seeing screw ups as step-ups - Life’s mishaps are simply modules in the university in life!

-        Learning to feel and speak our truth, while taming our ego

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