Urban Spirituality
Episode 10

How to Make Your Ego Your Amigo - Exploring the Art of Ego Management

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Fragile politics, high house prices, constant peer pressure and a "mandatory" millionaire status: 21st century society can be an unfriendly experience! 
Don't get lost in it all - make your ego your friend and see your fortunes turn for the better.

Join Prash K with the original Soul Cobbler herself, Serafina Salvador?, as they shed light and strategies to tame our egos,

Note: This show was originally recorded LIVE on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/mantratherapy.co.uk for Prash K's Walk On The Wise Side Show.

An accomplished ex-banker, dancer, actor and writer - Serafina has worn various hats over the past decade. Her latest successes include being the broadcaster of the popular Date Your Ego Marry Your Soul podcast and authoring a spiritual memoir of her life as a banker. She is also the brains behind spiritual self discovery site www.soulcobbler.com - her creative expression of all that she has learnt and her desire to connect with many such like-minded people.

Show Notes:

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