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Episode 21

How to Stop Seeking and Start Living - with Michele Attias

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Urban Spirituality's Presents: How to Stop Seeking and Start Living - with award winning Mindset Expert, Coach, International Speaker and Author, Michele Attias.

Originating from Gibraltar, Michele Attias is a Mindset Expert, Coach, International Speaker and Author of the successful book 'Look Inside: Stop Seeking Start Living'. She was previously a Therapist and has spent 20 years in Personal Development.  In 2014 she was a finalist in The Women Inspiring Women Awards, and in 2017 was a finalist in the Best Coach category at the Business Women Awards in the UK.  She has also been featured in Gibraltar TV and Media. 

She coaches smart professionals to optimise their mindset and become better decision makers and action takers without the stress, anxiety and overwhelm, saving them time and energy, and leading to a more fulfilled life. Tune in to discover:

  • The value of “putting perfection on hold
  • The value of setting your sights LOW in order to make progress in your goals/passions!
  • Stop thinking about perfection and start working
  • Why you should just create what comes rather than what you THINK you SHOULD be creating
  • Stop focusing on impressing, start focusing on EXPRESSING
  • Tips for detecting a mental or anxiety disorder
  • The 1 hour rule creating what you want using just one hour a day without the procrastination
  • The limitations of positive thinking and how you can cut the spiral of negative thinking
  • The danger of over personalising events and emotions!
  • The magic that happens when you get out of your own way and stop seeking perfection!
  • Changing our thinking from “I’ll be happy when…..” to “I am happy because….”
  • Seeking completeness and holistic outcomes vs perfection
  • On how to seize the day, rather than the day seize you
  • Using chunking to empower your daily progress
  • The importance of examining the language you use on yourself
  • Michele’s healthy daily rituals
  • & Much More!

Show Notes:

Find out more and connect with Michele via her official website: http://www.micheleattiascoaching.com/

Discover her amazing 5 star rated book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Look-Inside-Seeking-Start-Living/dp/1781332959

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